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Receiving Australian Government Capital Grant Payments

Approved authorities are required to enter into a Recipient School Agreement (contract) with Queensland Independent Schools Block Grant Authority to accept the grant offer.  QIS BGA requires an extract of the Building Contract that the school and builder have signed.  Following receipt of this document a schedule of payments is forwarded to the school outlining the payment periods.

  1. Payments are at most over a 2 year period.  At least 50% of the grant is paid in the first year and the remainder in the second year.  Generally payments can be made over the first period of the build as shown in the builder's contract.
  2. Payments are made quarterly by direct deposit to the school.


For both the Australian Government and State Government Capital Grant programs, a process of accountability for the completed project is required.  Within a specified period after the project has been completed, schools complete documentation provided by QIS BGA, on which architects and accountants confirm the project was completed in a manner that conforms to the approved plans, the Minister's approved description and that grant monies were spent only on the approved project.

The BGA is required to conduct a Post Occupancy Inspection of all buildings constructed.

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