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State Capital Assistance Scheme Eligibility

To be eligible for Queensland State Capital Assistance (the scheme), a school must:

Be accredited and eligible for government funding under Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2001

  1. Have nominated the QIS BGA to be its Capital Assistance Authority (CAA), by way of a School Participation Agreement with the BGA.  See Australian Government eligibility requirements.
  2. Show that the proposed project is consistent with sound educational planning, within both the school and the district within which it is operating.
  3. Be viable, that is, the school must be likely to remain financially solvent and be able to, and intend to, continue to be eligible to receive Queensland State Government funding at the site of the proposed facilities for the foreseeable future.
  4. Demonstrate an educational and financial need.

The following projects may be eligible under the scheme:

The planning, construction, alternation, extension, renovation, relocation or upgrading of facilities that are intended to be used for a minimum of 20 years, such as:

  1. Educational facilities for students.
  2. Boarding facilities for students including accommodation in the facilities for persons supervising students in the facilities.
  3. If prior approval is obtained for the particular project, residential accommodation for teachers in remote areas of the State.
  4. The preparation of sites for buildings.
  5. The installation of upgrading of water, sewerage, electricity and other services.
  6. An allowance for furniture and equipment.
  7. Architectural, engineering and other professional fees.
  8. The provision of demountable buildings.

The following projects are not eligible under the scheme:

  1. Facilities which have religious worship as the principal purpose.
  2. The acquisition of land and/or buildings.
  3. Pick-up and set-down areas at developing schools and any other local government external infrastructure requirements that are funded under the External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme.
  4. Facilities of a type not provided by the State or Commonwealth in State schools with the exception of onsite residential boarding facilities for students or boarding supervisors, if:
    • The facilities are situated in the school grounds or
    • The Minister approves the provision of the facilities prior to this application.
  5. Projects for which a contract for the project has been entered into or construction, including site works, has commenced prior to Ministerial approval.
  6. Purchase of facilities, including modular facilities, already existing on the school site.