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EIS Eligibility

Eligibility of Independent Schools

To be eligible to receive capital assistance under the External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme (EIS), an independent school must be:

  • accredited
  • eligible for State Government recurrent funding under the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools Act) 2001 and
  • a 'participating school', which is achieved through execution of the QIS BGA Participating Schools Agreement, nominating QIS BGA as the school's Capital Assistance Authority (CAA) for State Government funding purposes.

Special note on eligibility status of new independent schools

To enable QIS BGA to recommend a successful application for funding, the approved authority of a new independent school must have entered into a QIS BGA Participating School Agreement as listed above, confirming QIS BGA as the school's CAA. 

Schools working through the processes of accreditation will have successful applications held over until formal notification of accreditation can be forwarded to QIS BGA.

Eligibility of Projects

 Infrastructure projects which can be considered for funding under EIS are:

  • a requirement of a local government authority
  • EXTERNAL to the school's boundary
  • linked to any capital project.

IMPORTANT- Any infrastructure projects INELIGIBLE for funding under the EIS, i.e. those INTERNAL to the school site, even if a requirement of the EIS works in the application, may be eligible for grants under a State Government Capital Assistance Scheme (SCAS) or a Australian Government Capital Grants Program (CGP) funding application which closes March each year.

Two Types of Eligible Projects 

Trunk charges are derived from local government requirements to provide:

  • water supply
  • sewerage
  • stormwater drainage and 
  • environmental spaces and local parks.

External infrastructure project works will be those local government requirements for external services and facilities that are generated as part of:

  • a development on a new site of a independent school or
  • a redevelopment of an existing independent school. 

The External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme Guideline (refer Appendix A) can be viewed here, for specific examples of external infrastructure project work eligible under the Scheme.