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Australian Government Capital Grants Eligibility

To be eligible for Australian Government capital assistance, a school must:

  1. Have entered into a Participating School’s Agreement with Queensland Independent Schools Block Grant Authority.  This Agreement nominates QIS BGA as the School’s Block Grant Authority.
  2. Be in receipt of Australian Government General Recurrent Grant funding under the Australian Education Act 2013 for the levels of education to which the proposed project relates, or have good prospects of obtaining that approval for the campus location of the proposed works.
  3. Demonstrate that the project will contribute to the objectives of the Australian Government Capital Grants Program.
  4. Show that the proposed project is reasonable and appropriate in size.
  5. Show that the proposed project is consistent with sound educational planning, within both the school and the district within which it is operating.
  6. Be viable, that is, the school must be likely to remain financially solvent and be able to, and intend to, continue to be eligible to receive Australian Government General Recurrent Grant funding at the site of the proposed facilities for the foreseeable future.
  7. Demonstrate an educational and financial need for a grant.
  8. Demonstrate that the school has an appropriate maintenance plan in place and will be able to meet ongoing costs of the facility.
  9. Demonstrate that the school has adequate insurance cover for existing facilities.
  10. Ensure that the proposed project will not adversely affect the national estate value of a place in the Register of the National Estate in terms of the Australian Heritage.
  11. Ensure that the proposed project complies with the current Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standard 2010.
  12. Own the land or have a lease for the land and/or buildings for at least the period of liability from the acceptance of a capital grant.

The following projects may be eligible under the General Element:

  1. Planning, erection, alteration, extension, demolition or refurbishment of a building, part of a building or other facility, including student residential accommodation, and attached supervisors’ quarters.
  2. Development or preparation of land for building or other purposes.
  3. Installation or upgrading of water, electricity or any other services.
  4. Provision of furniture and/or equipment, including information technology equipment, which should be part of a broader Capital project unless special circumstances exist, and
  5. Purchase of land with buildings or parts of buildings, or in special circumstances, without buildings.

The following projects are not eligible under the General Element:

  1. Facilities which have religious worship as the principal purpose.
  2. Facilities in a co-educational school where they are not equally available to male and female students.
  3. Provision of staff housing other than supervisors’ quarters attached to student boarding facilities, except in isolated regions.
  4. Facilities where retrospective approval is sought.
  5. Leasing of land (construction of facilities on land with a minimum of a 20 years lease at time of occupancy are eligible).
  6. Facilities on leased land where the term of lease is less than the liability period of the grant.