State Capital Assistance Scheme Legislation and Guidelines

State Legislation

The Queensland Government State Capital Assistance Scheme (SCAS) provides funding to independent schools under the Education (Capital Assistance) Act 1993, the Education (Capital Assistance) Regulation 2015 and the SCAS Guidelines.

QIS BGA Assessment Principles

In addition to this, there are QIS BGA assessment principles used in the evaluation of applications for capital assistance.

Important Information on the SCAS Guidelines for all Approved Projects

Schools with approved projects should be aware that, as per the State Capital Assistance Scheme Guideline, p 8, Section 15 (1),

'An approved authority must either make an initial application for funding to the relevant CAA or apply for an extension of time before the due day for the relevant project. The due day, for an initial application for payment of the amount, or part of the amount, granted for a capital assistance project, means either:

(a) the day that is two years after the day of the Minister’s grant of the application for capital assistance for the project; or

(b) if the approved authority has applied for an extension of time for making the initial application for payment, the later day decided by the Minister'.

Schools with approved grants for projects unable to be completed, and therefore claimed, within the two year period of Ministerial approval should contact the QIS BGA Executive Officer for SCAS PRIOR to the grant approval lapsing.