State Capital Assistance Scheme Eligibility

To be eligible for SCAS, a school must:

  • Have entered into a QIS BGA Participation Agreement
  • Be in receipt of Queensland Government recurrent funds for the levels of education to which the proposed project relates
  • Demonstrate that the project is consistent with the SCAS objectives
  • Align with the school's plan for development or master plan
  • Show that the proposed project is consistent with sound educational planning
  • Be viable, that is, the school must be likely to remain financially solvent
  • Demonstrate an educational and financial need for capital assistance
  • Own the land or have a minimum 20 year lease for the land and/or buildings.

Projects which may be eligible for SCAS assistance:

Approved Authorities may apply for capital assistance for the planning, construction, alteration, extension, renovation, relocation, or upgrade of:

  • Educational facilities for students
  • Boarding facilities for students including accommodation in the facilities for persons supervising students
  • If prior approval is sought and obtained, residential accommodation for teachers in remote areas of the State.

Funding is available for the following types of work:

  • The conversion or refurbishment of existing facilities
  • The preparation of sites for buildings
  • The installation and upgrade of water, sewerage, electricity and other services
  • The cost of local authority imposed trunk charges, if not funded under the External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme
  • Provision of furniture and/or equipment which is part of a broader capital project, unless special circumstances exist
  • Architectural, engineering, local authority and other professional fees
  • The provision of modular classrooms.

Projects which are not eligible under SCAS:

  • Facilities which have religious worship as the principal purpose
  • The acquisition of land
  • Purchase of facilities, including modular facilities, already existing on the school site
  • Facilities which are primarily for pre-prep education or where the facility is not in a formal school setting
  • Facilities of a type not provided by the State in State schools, with the exception of onsite residential boarding facilities for students or boarding supervisors, if:
    • The facilities are situated in the school grounds or
    • The Minister approves the provision of the facilities prior to the application
  • Pick-up and set-down areas and any other local government external infrastructure requirements that are funded under the External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme
  • A capital project related to a temporary site at which special assistance is provided, or proposed to be provided
  • Projects where a contract has been entered into, or construction including site works, has commenced prior to Ministerial approval, i.e. where retrospective approval is sought.