State Capital Assistance Scheme

The object of the State Capital Assistance Scheme (SCAS) is to assist eligible independent schools to construct, convert, refurbish and upgrade tuition, tuition support and boarding facilities.  The focus of the scheme is on the educational facility needs of schools and the ability of the school authority and community to meet those needs.

School and Project Eligibility

To find out about your school's eligibility to apply for SCAS capital assistance and the eligibility of a proposed project click here.

Schools eligible to apply for SCAS funding may also be eligible to apply for Australian Government Capital Grants Program (CGP) funding. 

Making an Application

To make an application for both SCAS and CGP funds,  school authorities will need to submit an excel application avaliable on request, by the QIS BGA Office. 

There are many documents and resources available to assist school authorities to complete the application for a capital grant. Understanding the application process can also benefit the accuracy and quality of information provided by the school authority through the application process.

Legislation, Guidelines and QIS BGA Procedures

QIS BGA implements the Queensland Government's legislation and guidelines for the administration of SCAS.  In addition to this, there are QIS BGA assessment principles used in the analysis of applications for capital assistance.

Contact Us

Mr Rod Morris, QIS BGA Executive Officer- Finance and SCAS Program Manager

Phone: (07) 3839 2142