Capital Grants Programs

Programs for the Development of Educational Facilities

The capital grants programs of the Australian and Queensland Governments assist eligible independent schools to plan, construct, convert, refurbish and upgrade educational facilities, boarding facilities and distance education facilities. There are two programs which Approved Authorities and their schools may access, when seeking assistance for projects regarding educational facilites.

Find out about the eligibility criteria for both CGP and SCAS, the program guidelines, support documentation and resources for the application process here:

To make an application under the 2023 Rounds of CGP and SCAS, school authorities are required to request an application from the QIS BGA Office.

External Infrastructure Implications

A subsidy scheme supported by the Queensland Government is available to assist eligible independent schools meet the requirements of local councils, utilities providers and the State Government Ministerial Infrastructure Designation process, as triggered by school-based capital projects.  Approved Authorities should investigate the council fees and project costs associated with the construction of additional educational facilities and determine if an application for the External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme should be submitted in parallel to any CGP/SCAS request for capital funding.