Australian Government Capital Grants Eligibility

To be eligible for CGP a school must:

  • Have entered into a QIS BGA Participation Agreement
  • Be in receipt of Australian Government recurrent funds for the levels of education to which the proposed project relates
  • Demonstrate that the project will contribute to the CGP objectives
  • Show that the proposed project is reasonable and appropriate in size
  • Show that the proposed project is consistent with sound educational planning
  • Be viable, that is, the school must be likely to remain financially solvent
  • Demonstrate both an educational and financial need for capital assistance
  • Demonstrate that the school has an appropriate maintenance plan in place
  • Demonstrate that the school has adequate insurance cover
  • Ensure that the proposed project will not adversely affect the national estate value of a place in the Register of the National Estate in terms of the Australian Heritage
  • Own the land or have a minimum 20 year lease for the land and/or buildings.

Projects which may be eligible for CGP assistance:

  • Planning, erection, alteration, extension, demolition or refurbishment of a building, part of a building or other facility, including student residential accommodation and attached supervisors’ quarters
  • Development or preparation of land for building or other purposes
  • Installation or upgrade of water, electricity or any other services
  • Provision of furniture and/or equipment which is part of a broader capital project, unless special circumstances exist
  • Purchase of land with buildings or parts of buildings, or in special circumstances, without buildings.

Projects which are not eligible under CGP:

  • Facilities which have religious worship as the principal purpose
  • Facilities in a co-educational school which are not equally available to male and female students
  • Provision of staff housing other than supervisors’ quarters attached to student boarding facilities, except in isolated areas
  • Leasing of land
  • Provision off facilities on leased land where the term of lease is less than the liability period of the grant
  • Projects where a contract has been entered into, or construction including site works, has commenced prior to Ministerial approval, i.e. where retrospective approval is sought.