Capital Grants Programs Documents and Resources

Plan of Works

The Plan of Works is provided to assist Approved Authorities and their schools to organise the stages of preparing for, and delivering, a capital project.

  • QIS BGA Plan of Works (coming soon)

Making Grant Applications

All support documentation for making applications under the Australian Government Capital Grants Program (CGP), including Master Plan grants, the State Capital Assistance Scheme (SCAS) and the External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme (EIS) is provided below.

Learning Places and Spaces

Learning Places and Spaces will assist Approved Authorities and applicant schools develop an understanding of the principles of the CGP and SCAS capital assistance programs and how a school’s need for educational facilities is determined through the application assessment process.

Functional Areas and Construction Costs

Functional Areas and Construction Costs is the annual,  round-by-round reference point for Approved Authorities and applicant schools, when preparing a CGP and SCAS application.  Functional Areas and Construction Costs must be used in conjunction with the CGP and SCAS Application Help Notes when completing an application.  The essential information provided includes: 

  1. Construction rates for each functional area
  2. Furniture, equipment and sundry allowances, and
  3. Locality indicies to be applied for regional and remote locations

All Application Help Notes

The Application Help Notes provide information on each application template.

Other Application Support Documents

The implementation of a value for money approach to the design and delivery of a project proposed for capital funding is important to the capital grant application process.  Considerations for the achievement of value for money are provided in this support document:

  • Value for Money Considerations (coming soon)

Provision of a Maintenance Plan or Maintenance Schedule is a requirement of the CGP and SCAS application process.  

If a party related to the Approved Authority/School, provides and/or receives services, such as loans or rent from the Approved Authority/School, QIS BGA may request a letter of comfort be provided.   A sample of the letter of comfort is below:

CGP and SCAS Archived Resources