QIS BGA Directors and Committee Members

QIS BGA Board of Directors (2020)

Mrs Dawn Lang Board Chair
Mr Brian Short Deputy Board Chair                                     
Mr Howard James Treasurer
Ms Jennifer Robertson Audit and Compliance Committee Chair
Mrs Ann Mitchell  
Ms Kerryn Simpfendorfer  
Mr David Robertson ISQ Executive Director


Members of the Education/Buildings Capital Advisory Committee (2020)

Mr Gary Adsett SAS Schools
Mr Mike Curtis Christian Schools
Mr David Radke Lutheran Schools
Mrs Elaine Rae Uniting Church Schools
Mr Jack Ryan Seventh Day Adventist Schools
Mrs Rachael Schilling Qld Independent Schools Parent Network

Members of the Finance Capital Advisory Committee (2020)

Mr Rodger Brook Christian Schools
Ms Claire Tang Non-Aligned Schools
Ms Donna Foxwell Non-Aligned Schools
Mr David Reed Anglican Schools
Ms Lyn Stokes PMSA Schools
Mrs Karryn Johnson Grammar Schools