Trade Training Centres in Schools Program/Trade Skills Centres

For schools from Rounds One, Two, Three, Four and Five (Phase 1), with grants approved under the Trade Training Centres in Schools Program, existing funding agreements will remain binding unless otherwise advised by QIS BGA, on behalf of the Australian Government's Department of Education.

Schools participating in Round 5 (Phase 2) are carrying out their project under the Trade Skills Centres title, as a result of the change in Goverment which occurred in September 2013.  As for schools of the Trade Training Centres in Schools Program, agreements under the Trade Skills Centres title remain binding.

Reporting of Student Training Outcomes

Participating schools should note that there are no changes to the requirements to report on the student training outcomes resulting from delivery of approved training courses in these facilities.  QIS BGA will be in contact any time from March 2016 onwards, to deliver reporting materials as provided by the Australian Government's School to Work and Strategic Priorities Branch within the Department of Education.

Making changes to Approved Training Courses

All participating schools remain obligated to deliver the approved training, as documented in the Project Specific Schedule (PSS) for the project.  Schools should contact QIS BGA as soon as possible, to discuss any additional training to be delivered OR when a listed qualification cannot be delivered. 

Provision of Information to the Project Leader

Any advice of change to funding agreements will be forwarded to the Project Leader, as documented in the PSS within the individual school’s School Project Agreement (SPA).  If the Project Leader in your school has changed, please advise QIS BGA as soon as possible, so an alternative contact may be recorded.

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