Receiving EIS Payments

An external infrastructure subsidy on an approved project cannot be paid if commencement of, or payment for, the work precedes the announcement of Ministerial approval.

After the school has received a formal letter of notification from the office of the Queensland Minister for Education, to be eligible to receive capital assistance, the Approved Authority of an independent school must enter into an Agreement with QIS BGA.  This Agreement, along with supporting documentation, will be provided by QIS BGA to the School Principal upon Ministerial approval.

For EIS, an approved grant will be paid in full at 100% project completion (in terms of value).  The payment will be triggered by the school's submission of a Statutory Declaration, as provided by QIS BGA, and supporting documentation of expenditure, such as invoices etc.

Schools should be aware that, as per the External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme Guideline,  'an application for payment must be received by QIS BGA within two years of the date of approval, or approval for the project will lapse, unless an extension is approved by the Minister'.  QIS BGA is unable to make payments on grants where Ministerial approval has lapsed.


An EIS grant is not finalised until the school has submitted the Final Certificate by the External Qualified Accountant, which will be due in the year following the receipt of the subsidy amount.