Receiving Master Plan Grant Payments

Schools will make a claim for the approved grant funds through the submission of a Statutory Declaration, once the project can be declared 100% complete, in terms of value, i.e. all invoices relating to the work have been paid.

The school’s claim for payment of the approved grant will be made when:

  • The master planning process is 100% complete, as demonstrated by submission of evidence of total cost, such as invoices and/or ledger entries, and the Statutory Declaration.
  • The final Master Plan is provided to QIS BGA, with the claim documentation.

(NOTE- failure to provide the final Master Plan will result in QIS BGA being unable to pay the approved grant amount)

Eligible Costs

Costs which may be included as part of the grant claim include those related to:

  • The lead consultant, such as an architect
  • secondary consultants required to contribute to the planning process, such as quantity surveyors, engineers (acoustic, electrical, civil, traffic, hydraulic), landscape architects and fire professionals.

(NOTE- master plan grants are not intended to contribute to any additional strategic planning related costs, required to complete the master planning process)


A master plan grant is not finalised until the Approved Authority/school has submitted the QIS BGA Final Certificate by the External Approved Accountant, which will be due to be received by QIS BGA by 31st May in the year following the receipt of the grant amount.