QIS BGA History

In 1987 the Australian Government introduced the capital grants program, at the time referred to as ‘block funding’.  This funding was for non-government schools in each state and territory of Australia.  Block Grant Authorities (BGAs) were established in each state, operating at arm’s length from the Australian Government, while following and implementing the guidelines established by the Government, to administer the capital grants program. 

In 1993 the Queensland State Government also introduced a capital grants program, also to be administered by the BGA as established by the Australian Government.  In the Education (Capital Assistance) Act 1993, the State Government refers to the BGA or the administrators of the program as a Capital Assistance Authority (CAA).

The Queensland Independent Schools Block Grant Authority Ltd is incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee and operates as the Block Grant Authority and the Capital Assistance Authority for participating schools in the independent school sector in Queensland.