Master Plan Grants Assessment Information

Where a school receives approval for a master plan grant, the provision of capital assistance does not imply a QIS BGA commitment to fund applications for capital projects which may be submitted in subsequent years.

Understanding the Assessment Process

All applications for master plan grants received by the due date will be assessed for assistance. Where a need for funding cannot be determined, a grant cannot be provided.

An assessment of an application for a master plan grant will be conducted by the BGA Secretariat and provided to the QIS BGA Board where consideration will be given to making a recommendation for capital assistance to the Australian Government Minister for Education.

In the case of demand for grants exceeding funds available in any year, applicant schools will be ranked based on DMI, unless the QIS BGA Board determines that extenuating circumstances can be evidenced.

A range of information will be gathered during the application process and Approved Authorities or schools can view the QIS BGA Privacy Policy and Collection Notice, as required.