Master Plan Grants

QIS BGA strongly recommends Approved Authorities and/or their schools applying for grants for capital projects have a current master plan prepared by a qualified professional consultant, such as an architect.  Funding for the preparation of a master plan is intended to enable use of the plan in support of other capital applications, such as for the:

Sound Educational Planning

A comprehensive and up-to-date master plan represents the consultative process which has been undertaken by a school and it's community to guide the future delivery of educational facilities and related services across a school site.  The master plan represents the sound educational planning which is required to ensure that requests for grants are focussed on development of educational facilities at the right time, in the right place for a school. To find specific information regarding the considerations that underpin sound educational planning for school sites click here.

School and Project Eligibility

To find out about your school's eligibility to apply for a master plan grant click here.

Funding Availability

Available funds can vary significantly from year to year, therefore, the offer of funding for school-based master planning is at the discretion of the QIS BGA Board.

Eligible independent schools may seek grants as a contribution to their master planning process according to the following categories of need:

Need Indicator *Level of Funding
DMI 96 and below 75% of master planning costs, up to $30,000
DMI 97-110 50% of master planning costs, up to 20,000
Above 110 Ineligible






*Note that where the amount spent on the completion of the Master Plan is less than the approved total cost of the project, the BGA will be obliged to withhold from the grant payment the difference between the total projected project cost and the expended amount (ex GST).

Making an Application

To make an application for a master plan grant, Approved Authorities can make a request for funding via an application form which is separate to the application process used for CGP and SCAS.

Legislation and Guidelines

To encourage and support the sound educational planning of school sites, the master plan grants process has been established to enable schools to access funding through CGP, under the Australian Education Act 2013.  The availability of funding for school-based master planning purposes extends from Sections 8, 9, 37 d) and g), and 53 a) of the CGP Guidelines.

Receiving Grant Payments

For information on eligible costs, documentation requirements for master plan grant claims and the payment timeframe click here.

Contact Us

Contact the QIS BGA office on (07) 3839 2142, or make direct phone contact with members of the Secretariat for further information.