Master Plan Grant Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements for Approved Authorities:

  • Be listed with QIS BGA through the execution of a QIS BGA Participation Agreement
  • Not have received a QIS BGA master plan grant, in relation to the applicant school site, in any of the previous 5 years from the year of application
  • Be accredited and eligible for Australian Government recurrent funds under the Australian Education Act 2013  (the Act), and
  • Be prepared to enter into a project specific Agreement with QIS BGA, upon Ministerial approval, which includes the requirement for the school to submit the finalised master plan to QIS BGA as part of the claim process, and acknowledge the receipt of Australian Government funds for master planning purposes in any publicity associated with the grant.

Timeframe Requirement

Funding is available for the year in which the grant application is made. Approved master planning projects are, in accordance with the CGP Guidelines, expected to be claimed for payment within the same calendar year. This leads to a requirement for the master planning process to conclude prior to the end of November of the year in which an application is approved.

Schools with approved master plan grants which find the timeframe requirement difficult to achieve should contact QIS BGA immediately they become aware, and in any case before November 1st of the application year.  Detail of the exceptional circumstances which have resulted in the delay will be required, to enable a formal request for an extension of time to be made the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Special note on schools waiting for accreditation

Where schools proposed for accreditation are progressing through the stages of the Queensland Non-State Schools Accreditation Board process, it is unlikely that the master plan grant eligibility criteria will be able to be met.  However, QIS BGA acknowledges the importance of master planning for newly established and developing schools and encourages any consultations with the Secretariat, which will enable Approved Authorities of new schools to prepare for future master plan grant applications, once accreditation has been achieved.

Important Information on Ineligibile Projects

Projects where a contract for the work has been entered into or where work has commenced, prior to Ministerial approval being announced, will not be eligible for funding.