Making a Master Plan Grant Application

Information on the eligiblility of schools for master plan grants can be accessed here.

Approved Authorities and/or applicant schools can download the master plan grant application form here.

Timeframe and Submission of Applications

IMPORTANT- For schools planning to prepare a Master Plan for use in the 2024 capital application round, it is advisable that grant requests be submitted via the March 2023 round, to allow adequate time for the completion of the master planning process.

In 2023, there will be three application points available. Applications for master plan grants will be accepted as follows:

 Round Title Due Date 2023
  March 2023 (MP MAR23) Friday, 24 Feb
  July 2023 (MP JUL23) Friday, 30 Jun
  September 2023 (MP SEPT23) Friday, 25 Aug

Application Documentation

Master plan grant applications and support material will include:

  • A completed and signed application form
  • The applicant school's Strategic Plan
  • A quote and scope of work from the nominated professional consultant.

Requirements of the Application Process

The Approved Authority/applicant school will be required to provide the following information:

  • An overview of the current status of the applicant school’s master planning journey, i.e. is the application for the development of an initial master plan or a renewal/revision or extension of an existing master plan
  • DMI of the applicant school
  • A brief history of the applicant school’s development
  • Links to the school's Strategic Plan, which will provide the platform against which the applicant school will demonstrate the need for a master plan
  • A general overview of historical and projected school-based enrolments
  • An indication of an intent to develop a master plan with a minimum 5 to 10 year horizon, or greater if relevant to the applicant school’s situation
  • An intent to commence the master planning process in a timely fashion, once Ministerial approval is received, and complete the task within the same calendar year, i.e. submit the claim for payment  by 1st November of the year in which an application is made
  • Identification of the professional consultant to be engaged for the master planning process and the expected cost, as well as an overview of the planned consultations and targets (scope and sequence) for the completion of the master planning process within the required timeframe.