General Information

Receiving Grant Payments for CGP and SCAS

The schedule of payments related to CGP and SCAS grants are significantly different. Capital grants payments, for each separate program, are made at specific points in time once a project has commenced. Schools receive advice on payment timeframes as part of the grant administration materials provided by QIS BGA. To assist schools to manage their project related cash flow an overview of payment methods can be accessed below:

To access a summary for each capital grants program, click here.

Recognition Requirements

Each capital assistance program has a number of recognition requirements which schools agree to carry out upon acceptance of approved grants. 

Click here to access the requirements specific to the Program under which capital assistance has been provided. 

Contingent Liability and Repayment of Grants

Detailed information on contingent liability in relation to completed projects and calculations for repayment of both Australian and State Government capital grants can be located here.


Click here to access the information QIS BGA has provided via presentations to schools.

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