External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme (EIS)

This subsidy applies to accredited independent school sites where any capital works project results in the state or local government authority or other relevant entity (such as a utilities provider) requiring new or improved external infrastructure or new infrastructure charge contributions. 

Subject to the number and value of applications in any round, a subsidy of up to 50% may be approved for the cost of infrastructure charges and/or external infrastructure project works. 

School and Project Eligibility

Approved Authorities may make an EIS application when state or local government authority and/or other Relevant Entity:

  • infrastructure charges have been levied against a school-based capital project
  • external infrastructure works, resulting from a development approval, have been fully costed by professional consultants. 

To find out about your school's eligibility to apply for an EIS subsidy and the eligibility of a proposed project click here.

Making an Application

To make an application for EIS funds, Approved Authorities may make a request for capital assistance via an application form, separate to the application process used for the Australian Government Capital Grants Program (CGP) and/or the State Capital Assistance Scheme (SCAS). 

Unlike CGP and SCAS, where a single application point occurs each year, EIS applications may be submitted four times a year.

A range of information will be gathered during the application process.  Click here to also view the QIS BGA Privacy Policy and Collection Notice.

Legislation and Guidelines 

For the administration of this subsidy scheme QIS BGA implements the Queensland State Government's legislation and guidelines.

Receiving Grant Payments

For details on receiving EIS grant payments and claim documentation requirements click here.

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