Making an Application

EIS applications do not form part of the online application system used for the CGP or SCAS. EIS applications and all required supporting documentation will be submitted to the Program Manager via the email address included in the application template. Applications must be signed by the School Principal and authorised by the school's approved authority.  

Additional information on projects eligible for EIS assistance can be accessed here. School authorities can download an application form here.








Important Information on ineligible projects

EIS funding may not be provided for an infrastructure project if—


  • where a contract for the project has been entered into or
  • site work or other building work for the project has been started

before the Minister grants an application for capital assistance for the project.

Timeframe for applications

In 2019, applications will be submitted according to the following timeframe:

 Round Title Due Date 2019
  March 2019 (MAR19) 22 February
  July 2019 (JUL19) 28 June
  September 2019 (SEPT19) 30 August
  December 2019 (DEC19) 25 October

Requirements for applications for infrastructure charges

Applications will be accepted when infrastructure charges can be evidenced under the letterhead of the relevant local government authority and/or utilities provider, such as within an Infrastructure Charges Notice/s or other similar documentation.

Requirements for applications for project work

Applications will be accepted when a detailed scope of works for the project has been fully costed (ex GST) by qualified professional consultant/s, such as an architect and/or engineer. The development conditions issued by the relevant local government authority will form the basis of the eligible project work. Part of the application assessment process will involve a full reconciliation of the proposed scope of works and estimated costs against the development conditions provided.

An application relating to a local government authority requirement to construct a pick-up and set down area inside the boundary of a developing school will also be accepted.  

Supporting Documentation:

  • evidence of the relevant local government authority directive, such as the development conditions issued
  • detailed plans for the full extent of the project scope of works
  • evidence of the proposed costs (preliminary estimates or bill of quantities), as prepared by a professional consultant, and/or
  • where projects are of a minor works nature (i.e. less than $100,000), three (3) quotes should be provided as evidence of costings.