Key Dates for the Rounds

The timeframe for all processes relating to making applications for capital assistance can be found here.

Capital Grants Programs

The Capital Grants Programs provide capital assistance via the Australian Government Capital Grants Program (CGP) and Queensland Government State Capital Assistance Scheme (SCAS).  These grants assist eligible schools of the independent sector to construct, convert, refurbish and upgrade tuition, tuition support and boarding facilities.

Approved Authorities of eligible schools can find out about making a CGP or SCAS application for capital assistance here.

Master Plan Grants

Grants which support schools to undertake the development of a school-based Master Plan will be available from 2021.  These grants are made possible under CGP to improve the quality of educational planning schools complete when developing educational facilities on their school site. Information on eligibility and making an application is available here.

The application form for requesting a master plan grant can be located here.

External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme 

The External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme (EIS) assists eligible schools to meet external infrastructure costs associated with capital works projects, as required by local government authorities.  Specifically, subsidies are provided in the areas of trunk charges and external infrastructure project works in connection with new school developments and redevelopment of existing school sites.

EIS application forms can be accessed for use here.

Trade Training Centres in Schools Program/Trade Skills Centres

The Trade Training Centres in Schools Program enabled schools with students in years 9 to 12 to seek funding for trade training facilities. The program ceased in November 2013.  In January 2014, schools with in-principle funding approval for a TTCiS facility transitioned to Trade Skills Centres.  

With all funded facilities in the Queensland independent sector now operational (from mid-2015 onwards) and delivering approved training, schools with either a Trade Training Centres in Schools facility or a Trade Skills Centre facility will continue to operate under their binding funding agreements.  Participating schools are still able to make reference to information relating to ongoing approved training delivery and annual reporting obligations contained in this part of the web site.