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Receiving State Capital Grant Payments

a. The school authority must sign a Recipient School Agreement.

b. The grant will be paid in full upon receipt of a Statutory Declaration stating that 25% of the project work has been completed, except Special Assistance School Grants, which will be paid over the life of the project as follows:

  1. First payment of 50% of grant at 25% completion
  2. Second payment of 40% of grant at 50% completion
  3. Final payment of 10% of grant at practical completion


For both the Australian Government and State Government Capital Grant programs, a process of accountability for the completed project is required.  Within a specified period after the project has been completed, schools complete documentation provided by the BGA, on which architects and accountants confirm the project was completed in a manner that conforms to the approved plans and that grant monies were spent only on the approved project (Aust. Govt. Guidelines; para. 184, State Guidelines; para. 16).

The BGA is required to conduct a Post Occupancy Inspection of all buildings constructed.

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